I conduct coaching sessions for Canadian and international clients in-person in Ottawa, via online sessions on Skype or FaceTime, and over email and phone.


My services:


  • Decisions Making & Life Coaching

  • Communications Skills

  • Cultural Adaptation

  • Meditation and Life Sabbaticals

  • Business Opportunities and Closures

  • Educational Learning Strategies and Tutoring Deployment

  • Executive Leadership Care

  • Immigration and Visa Advice

  • Family Facilitation and Child Advocacy



All coaching programs include a free introductory session in which we define the best fit, goals and determine how we will work together. A program is assigned with benchmarks, fees, and deadlines for achievement. Coaching sessions do not include a therapeutic process, but are pragmatic and actionable - assignments and accountability are part of the process to facilitate self-improvement.


Coaching sessions are designed to be time-efficient and achieve the best possible progress in a set period of time. Typically, a session is 60 minutes long, but full day intensives may be suitable for those who require an intensified decision to uphold a deadline.


While each client’s payment schedule may vary, my standard rate is $100 per hour, and $1,000 for a full day intensive for an individual, family or work group. Enrollment is a commitment and requires a financial and time obligation. This is the coaching model and can be combined with psychotherapy but not in lieu.


After completion of a coaching program, I recommend group coaching programs for maintenance and continuous support.

Our Services
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